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December, 1st: 1st international seminar on clusters partners (Spain)  

Our partner, Railgrup, organized during the BcnRail (spanish rail fair) in November 2011, the 1st International seminar on clusters partners. The aim of our participation was to present the ERCI cooperation and to join a round table with other international clusters.  The challenges, key success factors and best practices to make an international partnership a success were discussed.

All ERCI partners met again the day after, for a 2nd ERCI steering committee to keep developing our technical cooperation. The organization of workshops and the development of common communication tools were approved as well as a full actions program until 2014. 

April, 6th: 1st ERCI steering committee during SIFER in Lille (France)  

The 1st ERCI steering committee, gathering the clusters which signed the ERCI cooperation agreement in 2010, took place during the SIFER show in Lille with representatives of BTS (Dresde – Germany), CNA (Nuremberg – Germany), RTCA (Vienna – Austria) and Railgrup (Barcelona – Spain).

This was to decide to welcome 2 additional clusters from the UK and Spain : RailAlliance (United-Kingdom) and RailGrup (Spain). They signed the ERCI cooperation agreement to join the initiative.

This meeting also aimed at identifying several ideas of projects. We all agreed to apply to the Competitiveness and Industry call for proposal, launched by the European Commission DG Enterprises and industries.



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