Based in Northern France, i-Trans brings together the people and organizations in industry, research, and education that are now setting the pace for the development of eco-friendly transport. Together these players make concrete contributions to sustainability, fostering innovation for new progress in land transport.

More than 400 participants in the automotive, rail and logistics sectors are actively involved in i-Trans. They range from giant corporations to SMEs, public and private research laboratories, universities and engineering schools.

Rooted in Northern France, and drawing on a pool of expertise in land transport technologies, i-Trans has enabled its members to work together to promote innovation in transport — which, in turn, has attracted a large number of players and contributors from the rest of France and other countries.



Meet the challenges of international competition in a context marked by the acceleration of freight and passenger traffic, a commitment to sustainable transport and improved competitiveness.
Our mission is to position innovation as a driver for development.


Individual objectivies

3 priorities for innovation
• Eco-integration:
- optimizing energy management
- reducing noise and vibration
- reducing carbon footprint

• Reliability and safety:
- transport security, reliability and safety
- boosting rail system capacity 
- optimizing multimodality
- availability and maintainability

• Industrial edge:
- more efficient and flexible production
- new organizational and business models for innovation



Key market segments
Innovation for sustainable transport addresses issues including:
- railways and guided transport
- automotive applications
- rail infrastructure
- predictive maintenance for railways
- dismantling of rolling stock
- mobility and multimodality for goods and passengers


Number of members



Numbers of companies



Numbers of laboratories
and Universities



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