Southern Railway cluster

Southern Railway Cluster is an organization consisting of companies, universities, research institutes and other organizations which are working in the railway industry, operating in the southern regions in Poland.

- Implementation of joint projects for new products and research activities, information in the railway industry,
- promoting, supporting and developing research in the field of innovation for the railway industry in cooperation with research and development units, universities,
- increase the competitiveness and innovativeness of the economy in the railway industry,
- promote and encourage the development of innovative technologies in the railway industry,
- support the transfer of knowledge, technology and innovation,
- the development of private sector R & D and improve economic efficiency funds allocated to R & D,
- increasing interest in innovation activities of private sector entities.




Individual objectives

The synergies
The consolidation of the railway sector
Sharing knowledge
Technology transfer
Technology Benchmarking
Creating innovative solutions for railway safety



Number of members


Numbers of companies



Numbers of laboratories
and Universities


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