The Railway Technology Cluster in Bavaria provides a technology oriented and neutral platform for topics and participants focussing on rail mobility.

It is an important contributor towards the increasingly efficient utilisation of research resources for global players as well as small and middle sized companies to improve and support their innovation processes.

Above all, it helps to accelerate development processes in interdisciplinary topics, focussing on promoting new technologies and projects.

The achievements of the Railway Technology Cluster include the following areas:
- Network development
- Network management
- Network marketing
- Innovation management

The Railway Technology Cluster supports innovative projects on future-oriented topics in four steering committees. Participants in these include corporate representatives from industry and transportation, science, and politics. In this way the cluster plays an active role in shaping the future of railway technology in Bavaria.



The Railway Technology Cluster sees itself as the coordinator of the railway technology network in Bavaria. It brings manufacturers, (sub)suppliers, operators, research institutes, service providers and institutions along the supply chains closer together. This helps to create a nucleus of growth which brings competitive advantages to all participants.


Individual objectivies

Steering committees for train control and train protection, infrastructure and energy, vehicles, operation and maintenance; 12 ongoing project groups





Number of members



Numbers of companies



Numbers of laboratories
and Universities



Relevant facts

CNA e.V. was charged with the management of the Railway Technology Cluster in September 2006, after the Competence Initiative for Transportation and Logistics had already played a decisive role since 1996 as a pacemaker for intelligent mobility in helping to shape the future in the field of transportation and logistics.

CAN e.V. organises every year the Forum Bahntechnik and awards one company of an innovation trophee.

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