Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH

Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH for Germany – Berlin Capital region: Founded in 1997, the department Transport and Mobility is active as network manager and initiator of national and international projects with regional research institutes and companies. Therein, Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH supports the involvement of the German capital region into international partnerships. The network of companies, research institutes and operators, managed by the TSB, provides assistance in the definition of projects, the development of cooperation relationships and with the access to additional subsidies at national and international level.



BTS Railway Saxony is the Cluster of the railway sector in East Germany. Our aim is to promote our members in their business development. We are also a lobby for the Saxon railway technology sector as a whole. BTS Rail Saxony integrates research and institutions and the corporate sector. Therefore, you will benefit as a member from a fast and customized technology transfer.



The Railway Technology Cluster in Bavaria provides a technology oriented and neutral platform for topics and participants focussing on rail mobility.

It is an important contributor towards the increasingly efficient utilisation of research resources for global players as well as small and middle sized companies to improve and support their innovation processes.

Above all, it helps to accelerate development processes in interdisciplinary topics, focussing on promoting new technologies and projects.



To push R&D in order to develop ideas and competitive products and services through a close collaboration between Tuscan Enterprises and Universities, Research Bodies and networks of laboratories




Based in Northern France, i-Trans brings together the people and organizations in industry, research, and education that are now setting the pace for the development of eco-friendly transport. Together these players make concrete contributions to sustainability, fostering innovation for new progress in land transport.

More than 250 participants in the automobile, rail and logistics sectors are actively involved in i-Trans. They range from giant corporations to SMEs, public and private research laboratories, universities and engineering schools.




Rail Alliance

The Rail Alliance is the UK’s largest, fastest growing networking organisation supporting the rail sector and boasts a registered membership in excess of 2000 registered members from more than 1,900 companies.
The Rail Alliance supports, informs and assists companies (large and small) to better understand the rail sector and the opportunities within it.  Importantly, you do not need to be a ‘rail company’ per se to join the Rail Alliance; indeed, many of its members would not classify themselves as traditional rail companies – they are companies already operating in the automotive, aerospace, marine or manufacturing sectors (for example); or those companies looking to diversify into rail; or those who have traded in rail before and are looking to re-engage within the sector.




Association established in 2002 as a result of the initiative to strengthen the competitiveness of the railway sector companies, Railgrup is the leading railway cluster on the Spanish market.

It capitalises on the knowledge, experience and technology of 88 companies, which represents 110,000 professionals and accounts for a turnover of almost 17,000 million€.




The Rail Technology Cluster is a technology oriented platform. As a neutral and independent competence-network we are focussing on promoting new technologies and projects in pre-competitive fields.

RTCA seizes, promotes and realizes topics that are of high importance for the whole railway-community (including light rail) with focus on operative relevance.

Content work is done in working groups where potential R&D needs can be derived. RTCA offers a neutral platform for research, development and project-management.




Southern Railway Cluster

Southern Railway Cluster is an organization consisting of companies, universities, research institutes and other organizations which are working in the railway industry, operating in the southern regions in Poland.


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